Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lessons Learned

     In doing this challenge, we jumped in full force and I don't think we really thought it out well enough. As I had planned on cooking three times a day and baking breads every other day, Mister Weather decided to set the temperatures outside at over 90 degrees all week. Needless to say, the plan failed totally and we ended up buying fast food more then I would like to admit.
           I will be redoing my menu plan today and posting either tonight or tomorrow to include more crock pot cooking and precooking that I can grab from the freezer. My kids are out of school for the summer, with the exception of my son, who has two tests and a report to finish up this week (he is homeschooled so we are a bit more flexible with end of the year dates). I had planned to cook them warm meals, but with this heat, they don't even feel like eating, so I hope to switch it to more cold fruits and veggies and sandwiches.

    This week, I also hope to learn how to upload pictures from my phone onto here so I can share with you some of my meals and recipes. Well, I am off to redo that menu.

   I will be seeing you soon,


Oh, I wanted to add on here a tally of our food budget envelope.  My husband got $34.97 for the junk food her purchased when we were weak.
I spent the following:
$33.56 at HEB
$10.34 at HEB
$50.40 at Walmart
For a total of $94.30.
We didn't go to the farmers market or Sprouts this week.

I have $25.70 left in my food envelope for the week.
As a bonus to this, my husband said if I get enough saved, we are purchasing a wheat grinder for making bread.  We have a hand powered one but it is a bit tiring, so we decided to upgrade to an electric one.  Goals always push me more :)

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